„Centrum“ lief 2020 im Festival Kino Programm.

Project description: What do you do when your last day of school is canceled and your best friend really needs comfort, and the guy you like suddenly is not allowed to kiss you for the sake of infection? In CENTRUM we follow a budding group of friends who try to navigate through a youth life that may already be challenging, but which now encounters new unforeseen difficulties in the form of distance requirements, online teaching, too much time at home, social distancing and interrupted after-school stays - all as a result of the Corona crisis 2020. The project must be seen as a kind of experiment to make an ultra-current series about the dramas that took place among the youth during the Corona crisis 2020. Through the YouTube series CENTRUM, Jonas Risvig, in collaboration with young people from all over the country, tried to portray a youth who feels cheated for a budding, crisp and valuable youth spring. Based on an idea created by Jonas Risvig and Jesper Christensen, everyone aged 13-18 was invited to sign up for the course and join the series, which had a strong team of professionals behind it. The untested debut lead roles, Silje Schmidt, Anemone Camphausen, Erik Schmidt and Martha W. Hart-Hansen were given the opportunity to get on the cast with a large number of professional Danish actors, musicians and writers. It was all created in line with the government's guidelines during the closure of Denmark, and EVERYONE on the series worked voluntarily, both the debutant actors, all the famous Danes who trooped up as guest actors and the entire professional technical team.