White Night


„White Night“ ran 2021 in the festival cinema program.


White Night lief 2021 im Festival Watchroom.

After becoming a supermodel in Canada in the 1970s, Louise Hébert manages to build a cosmetics empire based on her own perfume, White Night. When she is found dead decades later after a reception held in her honor, her heirs are faced with uncomfortable questions: Was it a suicide, accident, or even murder? Without the founding figure, how will they continue to run her empire? And what other secrets of "Loulou" will come to light? 

After most recently demonstrating his criminological flair with the highly acclaimed crime series "District 31," director Sébastien Gagné gets to combine his thriller talents with an intergenerational family drama and the portrait of a strong businesswoman thanks to the clever script by "Alerte Amber" writer Julie Hivon. A dramaturgical trick here is the splitting of the action into two parallel time lines, which address the rise of the main character as well as the fate of her heirs.


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