New Gold Mountain


„New Gold Mountain“ ran 2021 in the festival cinema program.


New Gold Mountain lief 2021 im Festival Watchroom.

With the slow end of the Californian gold rush, the hunt for the profitable precious metal also begins in Australia in the early 1850s. The centre of the hunt is the Ballarat goldfields in Victoria, where the fragile harmony between European and Chinese gold miners begins to crack dramatically in 1857. The reason: a young European woman is found dead and her connections cause unrest in the Chinese, European and indigenous communities. 

That Australia has its own dirty Western culture has long been proven by films such as "The Proposition", "The Nightingale" or "The Story of Ned Kelly". With "New Gold Mountain," series creator Peter Cox and director Corrie Chen plumb the effects of early capitalism on the cultural melting pot during Australia's gold rush. And bring back memories of "There Will Be Blood." Even if one does not refuse with the story of the first Chinese detective in Australia also classic Whodunnit dramaturgy. 


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