„Journey“ ran 2021 in the festival cinema program.


Journey lief 2021 im Festival Watchroom.

Two (real) Icelandic actors on a self-discovery trip through Iceland: Ólafur Darri, who after several successful series productions can't really complain about a lack of attention. And Vikingur Kristjansson, whose mood is at an all-time low. On their way to the impressive Westfjords, they soon find themselves in a series of bizarre situations that also put their friendship to the test. 

A touch of Steve Coogan's "The Trip" wafts through the semi-fictional road comedy, with which the two (real) friends Ólafur Darri Olafsson ("Trapped") and Vikingur Kristjansson ("The Valhalla Murders") could finally realize their long-cherished wish of a joint project. Based on a script by Kristjansson himself, it's never quite clear where scripted dramaturgy ends and improvisation begins. This also applies to the sometimes highly exaggerated or alienated character traits. The friendship between the two actors, on the other hand, remains absolutely authentic. And a scenery, in which one would like to lose oneself with the two... 


Critics’ Choice Award

Transmitter (Original)

Stöð 2 - Channel 2 (Iceland)



Year of publication



Keshet International