„Invincible“ ran 2021 in the festival cinema program.


Invincible lief 2021 im Festival Watchroom.



Coming-of-age of a superhero: Mark Grayson is actually a normal teenager with normal high school and girl troubles. What's not normal is a group of superheroes' incessant battle against world-threatening evil. Or the fact that Mark's father Nolan, as "Omni-Man", is the most powerful of these superheroes.  When the powers awaken in Mark as well, he has to redefine himself as "Invincible" in his social environment and at the same time his relationship with his father. 

For 15 years, comic book icon Robert Kirkman has worked in parallel with his "The Walking Dead" on this superhero parallel universe, which takes up and deconstructs many classic topoi. As a series, this unusual and unusually brutal coming-of-age story can almost only work animated - carried by prominent voice actors and voice actresses such as Steven Yuen, J. K. Simmons, Sandra Oh or Mark Hamill. If with comic book cult comes great responsibility, then Amazon Prime Video has more than lived up to that responsibility with this adult animated gem. 

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