Transatlantic Success? - German serial exports for the future

We can look forward to these ten productions from Germany

Is it already the end of the boom of German TV series in the international market? Or are the cancellations of, among others, "1899" and the mixed reactions to the prestige project "Der Schwarm" just a bump on Germany's path to becoming an internationally thriving TV series factory? With the worldwide premiere of "Transatlantic," the new Netflix series by Anna Winger, as well as the initially nationally focused German Sky Original "Tender Hearts," we take a brief look at what German TV series creative departments will still have in store for us this year: nationally, internationally, and perhaps even in part at the upcoming SERIENCAMP in Cologne.

Stay tuned, we're excited as well!


Where: Netflix, from 07.04.
Who: Anna Winger, Daniel Hendler (creators), Gillian Jacobs, Corey Stoll, Moritz Bleibtreu, Jonas Nay (performers)
What: The true story of the Emergency Rescue Committee, which organized the departure of artists and writers persecuted by the Nazis from Marseille in 1940
Why:Because the German-French co-production has to show that Winger's success with "Unorthodox" is not an isolated case, and we are also looking forward to a reunion with Corey Stoll ("House of Cards"), Gillian Jacobs ("Love") and Jonas Nay ("Deutschland 83").


Where: Sky, starting 07.04.
Who: Eva Lia Reinegger (script), Pola Beck (director), Friederike Kempter, Heike Makatsch, Vladimir Korneev (actresses*)
What: Female science fiction comedy that quite unabashedly uses "Real Humans" and "I am your human" to scrutinize a young woman and her relationship with a humanoid love droid.
Why: Because the topics of Near Future and especially artificial intelligence are burning under the nails of all of us right now and a little humorous relief can not hurt.


Where: Disney+, from 26.04.
Who: Jörg Winger (creator), Malick Bauer, Tyron Ricketts (actors*innen)
What: The true story of the first dark-skinned East German police officer who, as a figure of integration, comes under increasing pressure and goes off the rails.
Why: Because the story of the first German Disney+ original tells a unique local story and with Jörg Winger is responsible for the other half of the internationally successful "Deutschland 83" duo.


Where: ZDFneo, from 28.04. Mediathek, from 09.05. linear 
Who: Dennis Schanz, Christoph M. Rath (creator), Minh-Khai Phan-Thi, Milan Peschel, Benito Bause (actors*innen)
What: Second chapter of the successful comedic reappraisal of a not always easy neighborhood relationship.
Why: Because the strongly cast comedy in the episode "Meta" obviously extraordinary: the entire episode is created in the virtual spaces of Web3.0.


Where: Sky, from 04.05.
Who: Christopher Schier (showrunner and director), Julia Jentsch, Nicolas Ofczarek (actors*innen)
What: The final season of the multiple award-winning and with Julia Jentsch and Nicolas Ofczarek sensationally cast crime sensation
Why:Because the makers obviously know that you stop when it's at its best and we want to know how the story of the now antagonistic investigators ends.


Where: RTL+, Warner TV Seri, HBO Max, starting 08.05.
Who: Kristin Derfler (creator), Anno Saul (director), Anne Ratte-Polle, Anton Dreger, Lea van Acken (actors*innen)
What: A policewoman on a collision course with the supposedly purged murderer of her daughter.
Why: Because the gritty thriller highlight not only features an outstanding cast, but also breaks new ground in terms of co-production as a series premiere broadcast in parallel.


Where: Warner TV, from May 23.
Who: Detlev Buck, et al. (script, director), Kida Khodr Ramadan, Frederick Lau, Heike Makatsch, Ricky Gervais (performers*)
What: Mockumentary that follows up quite directly on the British comedy highlight "Extras" and puts Kida Khodr Ramadan in the shoes of Ricky Gervais.
Why: Because "German Genius" is meta several times over and, in addition to Gervais himself, also features guest appearances from half of serial Germany.


Where: Amazon, from 26.05.
Who: Wolfgang Hohlbein (original), Erol Yesilkaya (book), Sebastian Marka (director), Jeremias Meyer, Lea Dindra, Samirah Breuer (actors*innen)
What: Based on the million-selling book by Wolfgang Hohlbein, three friends set off into the fantastic world of the Dark Tower in the mid-1990s.
Why: Because the project is considered the biggest German fantasy venture since "The Neverending Story" and not only therefore could set standards (and for Amazon Prime must also set).


Where: RTL+, 2023
Who: Linda Brieda (head writer), Florian Knittel, Lars Montag (director), Luise Aschenbrenner, Jannik Schümann, Merlin Sandmeyer (actors*innen)
Between hedonism and bourgeoisie: the history of the disco movement in Germany as a Ruhr Valley drama with dust and glitter.
Why: Because retro and especially retro music always works well, especially internationally, and because we want to see if Merlin Sandmeyer can do more than not catch shoplifters in the "Discounter."


Where: ARD, 2023
Who: Arend Remmers, Adolfo J. Kolmerer (creators), Chrisdtian Alvart (director), Karoline Schuch, Lucas Gregorowicz (actors*innen)
What: A cruel serial killer, a long-repressed past and a supernatural twist: gripping and "Syrreal" mystery thriller in the Oderbruch.
Why: Because Christian Alvart is allowed to indulge his genre past here and the internationally co-produced mystery series has the makings of a German "True Detective"