The best series of the last year: 17 experts voted!

The range has never been greater: more than 550 series made their debut in 2021, and countless others returned with new seasons and episodes. Who is supposed to keep track of all this? It's simple: 17 journalists and experts whose job it is to keep up with the latest developments in film and series. They have compiled their favorites of the past year!

Even though the new year 2022 is already a few weeks old, we are still working through our best lists of the past year. This time, we didn't just rely on our own taste, but asked a host of colleagues, experts and critics for their favorite series of 2021. 

With them were (in alphabetical order):

Anna Wollner (Radio Fritz)   
Birgit Fuss (Rolling Stone)
Christopher Büchele (Very Very Series)
Daniel Schröckert (Kino+)
Dominik Hammes (Radio Nukular)
Emily Thomey (Glotz & Gloria)
Gerhard Maier (Seriencamp)
Jörg Seewald (freelance journalist)
Kathrin Hollmer (freelance journalist)
Lina Kokaly (Radio Bremen)
Lisa Ludwig (Moviepilot)
Patrick Heidmann (freelance journalist)
Patrick Wellinski (Deutschlandfunk)
Philipp Schulze (Cinema)
Thomas Schultze (Blickpunkt:Film)
Ursula Schmied (Glamour)
Vanessa Schneider (Skip Intro)

There were just under 100 series to choose from, which were seen for the first time in Germany last year or whose newest season started last year. An urgently needed restriction. After all, with over 550 (!) new series available on an increasing number of streaming services, the choice was bigger than ever. 

With no further ado (except for a bit of *drum roll*), here is the top ten best series of 2021 in order from 10th to 1st place. You can find the entire ranking of the top 20 in a separate article

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