30 Tage Lust Audience Choice

Audience Choice Award

How much lust can love take? Freddy and Zeno break out of their everyday relationship in this humorous new adult drama.

Audience Choice Award

In addition to our jury awards, we also present another award every year and the jury for this is you. Our Audience Choice Award goes to the series that you, as our viewers and harshest critics, have chosen. All series in the program were available for selection and voting took place via a voting box with the help of the tickets.

The top 5 series at the 2024 festival

1. 30 Tage Lust
2. Lost Boys & Fairies
3. Autodefensa
4. Boarders
5. Ich bin Dagobert

This year's winner of the Audience Choice Award is '30 Tage Lust' (SWR).

After 15 years together and at not even 30 years old, Freddy and Zeno are becoming more of an everyday couple sexually. They can't confess every fantasy to each other, let alone live them out together. But a stable relationship like theirs can certainly withstand a lot, can't it? At least that's what Freddy believes, who prescribes a 30-day break for herself and her boyfriend: 30 days for sex with others, 30 days in which they don't tell each other anything about their experiences. Hesitantly and sometimes awkwardly, the two of them plunge into the taboo-free abyss of their relationship, which leaves hardly anything out, from lust and love to jealousy, boundaries and separation, before the two of them (perhaps) find a new freedom and a new beginning. Scenes of a relationship that have never been shown more openly and honestly on German TV.