5 Tips for fans of...

We have compiled 5 series tips from the WATCHROOM program for fans of successful series such as 4 BLOCKS, DRUCK, IT S A SIN and Co.

1. For fans of 4 Blocks: Pushers

And again a series sensation from Israel: A raw, violent and unusually authentic coming-of-age gem between police and drug gangs in Israel of the 2000s. 

2. For fans of Taika Waititi: Reservation Dogs

A teenage indigenous U.S. quartet fights for recognition, against gangs and for a better future on the reservation. Affectionate, charming and delightfully funny - Taika Waititi ("Jojo Rabbit", "Thor: Ragnarok") at his best!

3. For fans of Pressure: Alpha

Youth is a time of perpetual humiliation. Alpha shows with great empathy and humor that this can be a lucky thing. The next great teen drama from the North - this time from a male perspective.

4. For fans of It's a SinColourful Life

Queer subculture and self-realization - this time in Colombia. Unusually colorful and artfully told, gives Colourful Life so much insight into worlds that often remain closed to us, as is very rarely the case.

5. For fans of Making a MurdererIt Was Him

Was he or wasn't he? That question also drives cold case specialist John Cameron in the true crime seriesIt Was Him about serial killer Ed Edwards and our fascination with true crime cases.

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What is it about?

Series sensation from Israel: Authentically violent coming-of-age between "4 Blocks" and "Clan der Kinder".

Reservation Dogs

What is it about?

Tarantino's "Reservoir Dogs", but Waititi style: indigenous youths fight for recognition on the reservation, against gangs and for a better future.


What is it about?

Adolescence is a time of perpetual humiliation. "Looserit" shows that this can be a lucky...

Colourful Life

What is it about?

Unusual, colorful and artistic LGBTQ lives from Colombia: a colorful life in the struggle for recognition.

It was Him

What is it about?

True-crime documentary between conspiracy theory and contemporary history.