The State of AI

Wed, 05.06.24 / 11:15 - 12:30
Cinenova / Theatre 1
Gerhard Maier, Kai Steinmetz, Pascal Schröder, Tobias M. Huber, Albert Bozesan, Franziska Hansel, Hannes Jakobsen, Nikola Kohl, Lukas Lankisch

Everyone is talking about AI. But what does it actually mean one year after the first shockwaves hit the industry. We present a couple of concrete case studies that shed light on what the current status quo of generative and curative AI looks like. This session acts as a quick intro into the remarkable current use cases, before in-depth sessions for each project on Wednesday and Thursday offer the chance to dive deeper into the topic.

The Language of Creativity: AI as an Interpreter for Cinematic Visions and Ideas

Discover how artificial intelligence is changing the pre-production of films and enhancing communication between production teams and directors. Learn how AI-powered tools can be utilized in the planning phase of a film to concretize creative vision and make decisions more comprehensible.


Cutting Costs, Optimizing Workflows - Practical Application of Generative AI

An extensive overview into the practical use of AI-powered tools spotlights where the technology will take us: From Dubbing and Subbing to efficient workflows in the editing room to the boundless and affordable new possibilities of VFX, this quick overview points towards things to come in the future.


BOOM - A Chatbot as Actor

The impact of generative AI in the industry has been strongly felt in the last 18 months. The generation of images, videos and music have proven to be just some of the use cases in which AI surprises us. Berlin-based production company DRIVE beta experimented with generative AI in a astoundingly innovative way: In the feature “BOOM – Eine Band, 1000 Probleme” a chatbot is the AI part of an ensemble cast that improvised the story of a successful girl band.

Fed with script beforehand and prompted behind the scenes, the spontaneous interactions with the chatbot propelled the story forward.


The Cutting Edge of Generative AI – Storybook Studios

If you’re looking for a case study that spotlights the forefront of Generative AI in the film industry, the Munich-based Storybook Studios are on the must-invite list. Not satisfied with the uncertainties coming from established AI-powered solutions for image and video generation, Storybook Studios created their own system and pipelines. What does that mean? They will show the results in their exciting keynote while offering a glimpse of what they are currently working on.  


Hosts & Speakers

Seriencamp Mitarbeiter 2021

Head Of Programme, Co-Founder

Kai Steinmetz (Produzent - Geschäftsführer) (Flappers Film & VFX)

Flappers Film & VFX
Producer & CEO

Pascal Schröder (Produzent - Geschäftsführer) (Flappers Film & VFX)

Flappers Film & VFX

Tobias M. Huber

Storybook Studios
Director of Operations, Business Development

Albert Bozesan (1)

Storybook Studios
Creative Director, AI Workflows

Franziska Hansel - 1

Storybook Studios
AI Filmmaker & Ethics & Bias Officer

Hannes Jakobsen (Mitbegründer - CEO) (DRIVE beta)

DRIVE beta
Co-Founder und CEO

Nikola Kohl (Managing Director) (south&browse)

Managing Director

Lukas Lankisch (Showrunner & Executive Producer, Lukas & Ben) (Foto Credit Lukas Lankisch)

Lukas & Ben
Showrunner & Executive Producer