SerienCampus: Murder in 5 Days – Co-Creating & Co-Writing with AI

Thu, 06.06.24 / 14:30 - 15:15
Herbrand’s / Bahnhaus
Anne-Marie Keßel, Matthias Leitner

The limits and possibilities of generative AI are currently the source of endless experimentation: What can tools like Claude and ChatGPT do for the creative process? Where do they succeed? Where do they choke? Will the use of AI enable artists? Or does it limit them?

Bayerischer Rundfunk seeks answers to these questions with an innovative project: Two writers create a crime audio drama in just five days. Their prior knowledge of genre and format? Minimal. Their main assistant? ChatGPT. The result? A six-part podcast about the writing process and an audio drama, plus a couple of astounding insights into the possibilities of using AI as a co-author and co-editor.

Matthias Leitner, Digital Storyteller and Producer at Bayerischer Rundfunk and writer Anne Keßel, give an intro into the work on the project and shares their experiences, which function as a snapshot of the intersection between AI and creativity.


Anne-Marie Keßel (Creator - Autorin-Writer) (Copyright - Jana Lämmerer) 1

Screenwriter, Novelist & Radio Playwright

Speaker Conference 2023 (4)

Creative Producer; Storyteller