SerienCampus: Mental Health in Series

Wed, 05.06.24 / 15:45 - 16:30
Herbrand’s / Bahnhaus

Misrepresentations of mental health conditions in media can cause harm for affected persons and relatives. Based on misunderstanding or sensationalization, a misaligned portrayal can contribute to stigma and misconceptions.  On the other hand a conscientious depiction of mental health issues can reshape societal perceptions and create powerful tools of recognition.

Schizophrenia, a complex mental health condition characterized by a spectrum of symptoms, is especially prone to these narrative misrepresentations. Drawing from experiences of writers and creatives that successfully worked on mental health topics in film and series, the panel tackles important questions: How can creators avoid the traps of sensationalism? How can the media industry contribute to a more informed and empathetic understanding of mental health conditions and especially schizophrenia? What role can experts and consultants play in script development? Where is the line drawn between creative license and the responsibility of storytellers?