Thu, 15.06.23 / 14:30 - 16:00
Herbrand’s / Bahnhaus
Taç Romey, Markus Walsch

Dive into the future of fictional development. The I’M YOUR STAFF WRITER talk and AMA session with Prof. Taç Romey and Markus Walsch! As pioneers in AI storytelling, they reveal how AI tools like ChatGPT or Google Bard can enhance your creative writing, speed up the development process for film and series development and open new ways of creating fiction. You'll learn to merge traditional storytelling techniques with AI, creating a new Writers' Room experience, allowing for innovative ways of developing logline, characters, synopses, episodes, dialogue and more. With the power of AI, we will also explore crafting emotional arcs and detailed dialogues attuned to the audience's perception. Our session concludes with an extensive 'Ask Me Anything', where you can delve into specifics, share your thoughts, and find tailored solutions to your storytelling needs. Don't miss this opportunity to blend your creativity with AI's potential. Secure your spot today!


Tac Romey_1
Taç Romey

HFF Munich
Writer, Producer, Professor

markus walsch

Creative Storyteller