European Perspectives in a Globalized Media World

Thu, 06.06.24 / 16:30 - 17:15
Cinenova / Theatre 1
Julia Weigl, Alexandra Lebret

The recent downturn of the series market – partly triggered by nervous investors – slump in SVOD subscriptions and jittery valuation of media companies, is still felt in the European production landscape. Film funding policies on European and national level are adapting to the challenges of an increasingly globalized media world where ripples on the US-American market can impact national film industries immensely.

Alexandra Lebret (Managing Director // European Producers Club) and Björn Böhning (Managing Director // Produktionsallianz) discuss with host Julia Weigl (Artistic Co-Director // Filmfest Munich) the current state of the European production landscape. What opportunities and challenges arise from the growing globalized integration of media markets? How does the dependence negatively and positively impact the work of producers?

Hosts & Speakers

Foto_Julia Weigl_(c) Bojan Ritan

Filmfest München
Artistic Co-Director & Freelance Journalist

Alexandra Lebret (Managing Director) (EPC) (Foto Credit Sandrine Expilly)

Managing Director