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Program sneak peek 2024

As a first sneak peek of Seriencamp Conference's program, our three main topics can already be revealed: Generative AI and Music in Series!

Generative AI in film and TV

The recent weeks have served as a stark wake-up call for anyone previously unaware of the significant impact generative AI will have on the film and TV industry. The release of the first clips from OpenAI’s video generator, Sora, has profoundly impacted writers, producers, and studios. It has even led to American filmmaker and producer Tyler Perry canceling his plans for a large $800 million studio complex near Atlanta.

What does this mean for the industry?

Following a productive EFM x Seriencamp session at Berlinale, where 40 industry professionals discussed potential scenarios and open questions about the rise of generative AI, the Seriencamp Conference will advance the conversation. In addition to panel discussions on the immediate and future impact of AI on the industry, a series of case studies will showcase the current applications of generative AI. From cutting-edge uses in video production to integration in series development processes, and from experimental test cases in creative processes to applications in pre-visualization, the SERIENCAMP CONFERENCE will highlight the current status of AI in film and series.

Music in series

The intersection between music and series is the focus of this year’s Spotlight Section: Music in Series – How Soundtracks Shape the Way We See. Exploring the use of music in film and series this session dives deep into the processes of creating scenes that resonate with audiences while seeking answers to questions like: What do successful collaborations between music supervisors and creatives look like? What are the biggest challenges to finding music that connects to a series vision? 

Stay tuned for further highlights of Seriencamp Conference!