Digital Short Form Pitch

Regardless of whether you are creating a bold new format distributed through Instagram and Snapchat, whether you are on the creative forefront of web series production or have a ground-breaking story idea that will kickstart a storytelling revolution – SERIENCAMP DIGITAL SHORT FORM PITCH is your place to present your early-stage to pre-production phased project to an audience of industry experts, brand managers and visionary decision-makers.

Projects selected by the jury for the pitch session are invited to an individual and exclusive ROUNDTABLE SESSION to get first-hand advice from experts and discuss the future of their project.  

Deadline is September 11th 2017

Regulations and requirements:

  • The creator must be the originator/owner of the project
  • The project was not pitched in public before (festivals, etc.)
  • Project pitch should be visualized with mood pictures (or trailer)
  • Pitching language is English

Submit your project with

  • Synopsis (max. 1000 Zeichen)
  • Concept of a series (max. 10 pages): genre, format, number and length of episodes, short pilot treatment, arc of first season
  • Writers’ Vision (max 1 page)
  • Dialogue scene (max. 3 pages)
  • Short biography (max. 2 pages)

 The pitch event will be held on October 27th 2017.