UNDERCOVER directed by Frank Devos and Eshref Reybrouck.



„Undercover“ ran 2018 in the festival cinema program.

Limburg, a tranquil region on the Belgian-Dutch border. A region that invites cycling and is known for its cheese, but not for its biggest export: Limburg supplies most of the world with high-quality ecstasy. Ferry Bouman is one of the largest ecstasy producers in the world and has made a comparatively tranquil home here. But the nice life as a drug producer starts to crack when two undercover agents set up shop in his territory. Their goal: to infiltrate Bouman's life and cripple his network. The broadcast is scheduled for 2019 and will take place in this country via ZDFneo.

One of the largest ecstasy producers in the world, Ferry Bouman, lives a charmed life in his villa on the Dutch-Belgian border. But things start to change when two undercover agents move into his territory, attempt to infiltrate Bouman's life and shut down his network.