Total_Control_Im Bann der Seelenfaenger; LMU in Muenchen

Total Control


„Total Control“ ran 2018 in the festival cinema program.



With the documentary "Total Control Im Bann der Seelenfänger," A+E Networks Germany is continuing its commitment to German in-house productions for its channels HISTORY and A&E, which it has had since 2005. For the follow-up project to the highly acclaimed true-crime format "Protocols of Evil," writer, director and producer Emanuel Rotstein (Director Production of A&E and HISTORY) explored the question of how easily people can be blinded and seduced by fanatics, autocrats and populists. What is the attraction of totalitarianism and extreme beliefs, and what parallels can be seen among all these destructive groups? TV presenter Esther Sedlaczek leads us through the 45-minute documentary. In addition to victims and survivors of destructive groups and radical ideologies, she also lets international experts have their say, among them Ron Jones ("The Wave"), who try to explain the mechanisms of manipulation and power.

"Total Control - Under the Spell of the Soul Catchers" celebrates its TV world premiere as part of the theme week "Twisted Faith - Power and Manipulation" on 19. November 2018 at 9 p.m. exclusively on A&E.

Following the screening, a roundtable discussion with host Esther Sedlaczek, producer, director and writer Emanuel Rotstein, neo-Nazi dropout Oliver Riek and Mark Hancock, who witnessed the "Third Wave" experiment as a schoolboy in 1967, will pick up on the themes of the A&E documentary.