One Night


„One Night“ ran 2018 in the festival cinema program.

A seemingly banal occasion, a highly innovative serial concept: "One Night" invites us to a blind date of two thirtysomethings, who both have quite a bit behind them in life and are also confronted with one or the other misstep of their respective pasts in the course of ten episodes. What's special about it? The series follows its two actors in real time, which in the course of just one night confronts us with entertaining, uncomfortable and sometimes highly intimate truths that at least don't succeed in one thing: robbing the series of its absolutely true feelgood character. "Love" with the means of "24", so to speak. And to be seen here in both versions: The first two episodes in the original Norwegian version, episodes three to four in the English version shot in parallel. Enjoy the direct comparison!

"One Night" is a romantic comedy about two people who first meet on a blind date - told in real time. Designed for binge-watching, we follow two thirtysomethings as they get under each others skin, presenting us with a slice of life that is both: romantic and truthful at the same time.