„Maradona“ ran 2021 in the festival cinema program.


Maradona lief 2021 im Festival Watchroom.



A myth as an athlete, a legend as a man: Diego Armando Maradona is one of the most celebrated (and as a man, controversial) footballers of all time. Beginning in his native Argentina, this serial biopic takes us through his stops in Spain and Italy to his four World Cup appearances, focusing on the various stages of his career as well as his later unhinged life off the pitch. A serial memorial for the legendary "Hand of God" 

After film greats such as Emir Kusturica and Asif Kapadia had already dedicated themselves to the life of the exceptional footballer in documentary form, the drama queen of world football, who died in 2020, now also receives her serial tribute. This was commissioned by Amazon Prime two years before his death and turns out to be a rousing trip across continents, with - let it be promised - no shortage of footballing chops. Due to the global scope and human depth, however, even non-football fans will get their money's worth. 

Transmitter (Germany)

Amazon Prime Video


Spain, Argentina

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