Life Underground


„Life Underground“ ran 2018 in the festival cinema program.

"Life Underground" is a so-called transmedia project that takes visitors on a journey: To the subway systems of the world, where they become witnesses to the stories of its passengers. The main focus of the project is an interactive web documentation (www.life-underground.com), which allows the viewer to assemble the individual short episodes via an interactive world map. In addition, "Life Underground" is also intended as an immersive multimedia installation for museums and public places (such as subway stations). Award-winning filmmaker Hervé Cohen has traveled to over 15 cities around the globe for his project, which draws its fascination from the intersection of anonymity and shared human experience. For Seriencamp, he not only reminds us that we are all somehow connected beneath the surface, he has compiled the individual episodes into a roughly 60-minute edited version that he will present in person.

Following the screening, filmmaker Hervé Cohen will be available for an in-depth Q & A.

"Beneath the surface, we're all connected": Filmmaker Hervé Cohen invites us to take a mesmerizing interactive trip though the subways of the world. For screening purposes, the filmmaker presents a 60 minutes cut of the exprience and will be present for a short Q & A afterwards.