La Zona


„La Zona“ ran 2018 in the festival cinema program.

Three years after a devastating nuclear accident in northern Spain, the area surrounding the power plant has become a no-go area, with the neighboring small town still in a state of shock. As the sole survivor of the first rescue mission, Hector Uria (Eduard Fernández), of all people, is put in charge of investigating a gruesome murder case that leads to others and takes the inspector deep into the contaminated zone. Here Hector and his companions must face not only their own demons, but also a criminal network reaching into the highest circles.

Three years after the disastrous meltdown of a nuclear power plant in Northern Spain, police inspector Hector Uria has to travel the contaminated no-go-area in order to solve some grisly murders and confront the demons that haunt him ever since he survived the first rescue mission. A dystopian neo-noir-western, that unites some of Spains most prestigious actors in front of the camera.