Two adorably depraved miscreants on a provincial #MeToo mission: after breaking out of a prison, a petty criminal con artist and a feminist perpetrator of violence meet four men willing to rehabilitate themselves in a remote country house in Brandenburg. A film producer, a gynecologist, a start-up founder and a professional soccer player want and are supposed to atone for their assaultive actions here and mend their ways. In order not to be exposed, the two ladies slip into the roles of behavioral therapists. With unexpected results...

After they have already devoted themselves to the refugee or integration issue in productions such as the Dominik Moll series "Eden" and the web series format "Just Push Abuba", which was also shown at the series camp, in a very zeitgeisty way, Lupa Film continues to turn the satirical screw together with ZDF. The five-part web series format, which is also to be broadcast on linear TV, confronts the still virulent #MeToo issue with refreshing ambiguity.