„Hackerville“ ran 2018 in the festival cinema program.

For its first international co-production, TNT Serie has brought on board a strong partner in HBO Europe and, in Jörg Winger, a man who recently caused a sensation with "Deutschland 83. For "Hackerville," it's off to the "most dangerous city on the Internet," a small Romanian town where numerous hacker activities converge. This is also where the Federal Criminal Police Office is tracking an attack on Deutsche Bank, which Lisa Metz (Anna Schumacher), a cybercrime specialist, is to investigate with Romanian colleagues on the ground. The prelude to a fascinating thriller scenario that, according to Winger, "deals with the consequences of our ever-shrinking world, where security, surveillance and cultural identity are global as well as local issues."

Following his success with "Deutschland 83," Jörg Winger takes a look at the world of criminal hacking communities in Romania and the investigators tasked with tracking them down - co-produced for the first time by TNT Serie and HBO Europe.