„Gigantes“ ran 2018 in the festival cinema program.

For years, the Guerrero brothers Daniel, Tomás and Clemente controlled the drug trade on the Iberian Peninsula for their father Abraham. Until the family structure breaks apart: while Clemente disappears, Daniel ends up behind bars for 15 years, Abraham on the retirement home. What remains is Tomás, who is allowed to run the small drug empire for years until the release of his brother, who has justified claims to a place in the "family business". With these characters, Goya Award winner Enrique Urbizu impressively succeeds in resurrecting the worlds of "Gomorrah" and "The Godfather" against a Spanish backdrop.

From the drug slums to money laundering in the sphere of high finance, "Gigantes" depicts the violent and complicated relationships of a family acting in the criminal underworld in Madrid and focuses on two long separated brothers and their struggle for power. "Gomorrah" meets "The Godfather" as told by William Shakespeare.