Für Umme


„Für Umme“ ran 2018 in the festival cinema program.

Moritz Mikkelsen, MO for short, has many ambitions and little success in the acting business, plus he never has any money, which is why he has to leave his bed to his roommate during the day. Because he immediately screws up the few jobs he gets in auditions and stumbles from one precarious situation to the next, he becomes a master at slipping from one role into the next in real life: from assistant doctor to surrogate mother to veritable action hero. Obviously, real life still provides MO with the best roles. In the comedy series produced for eoTV, however, there is neither a net nor a false bottom, but renowned support from Martin Semmelrogge and Oliver Korittke, among others.

What better job for a failing actor than to take on real life? In order to overcome the obstacles the acting life is confronting him with, Moritz Mikkelsen has to play different roles, a master in disguise, who's taking his acting skills to the next level: Life itself.