Das Boot


„Das Boot“ ran 2018 in the festival cinema program.

Taking up the events in Wolfgang Petersen's classic novel and the bestseller by Lothar-Günther Buchheim, the eight-part event series looks at the U-boat war, which became even more brutal from 1942 onward. In addition to the viewpoint of the German protagonists, the series directed by Andreas Prochaska also focuses on the perspective of the French resistance and that of the Allies, thus shedding light on blind fanaticism that drives young men into war and on the courage of those who want to end it. Not only because of the star cast (including Tom Wlaschiha, Lizzy Caplan, Vicky Krieps) a Sky Original production with international appeal, which is a co-production of Bavaria Fiction, Sky Germany and Sonar Entertainment from 23 November always on Fridays from 20:15 in double episodes on Sky 1 to see.

Andreas Prochaska takes over where Wolfgang Petersen left "Das Boot" 1981, chronicling not only the war at sea, but also the efforts of French resistance fighters and Allies alike to end it. The result - especially in terms of european production standards is nothing short of historic.