„Carter“ ran 2018 in the festival cinema program.

What Michael J. Fox had to learn "the hard way" with James Woods and crime writer "Castle" at the side of a pretty policewoman, now blossoms "Sliders" star Jerry O'Connell as the star of a quite successful American crime series. That's because after suffering a public meltdown, he's drawn back to his sleepy Canadian hometown, where his best friends (including "Chicago P.D." star Sidney Tamiia Poitier and "Orphan Black" star Kristian Bruun) rely on his expertise as a TV investigator. At the side of childhood friend Sam Shaw (Poitier), he now has to deal with real criminals. And, by the way, he's allowed to consider whether the pretty policewoman might not otherwise fit into his life quite well...

"Sliders" star Jerry O'Connell follows in the footsteps of Nathan Fillion's "Castle" as the Canadian star of a hit American TV show, who - after a public meltdown - returns to his sleepy hometown, where he is asked to help his best friends in the police in solving mysterious crimes.