„Blackport“ ran 2021 in the festival cinema program.


Blackport lief 2021 im Festival Watchroom.

Island, mid-1980s: In a small fishing village, married couple Harpa and Grimur are in the process of building up a profitable fishing business with a few friends, when the introduction of fishing quotas calls into question what they have achieved so far and the future of the business. Over the following years, dramatic upheavals occur, as a result of which not only the social climate, but also the marriage of the two begins to change in the most brutal way imaginable. 

A real European prestige project is behind this mix of family drama and economic thriller, which already caused a sensation as a pitch at the Berlinale Co-Production Market 2018. In autumn 2021, the completed co-production between Icelandic broadcaster RUV and Arte was also enough to win the main prize at the renowned series festival Séries Mania in Lille. A tragicomic and Nordic undercooled highlight that sheds light on a topic that is still virulent today and the sinister dynamics of power, jealousy and greed.

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