2017. Quartier des banques

Banking District


„Banking District“ ran 2018 in the festival cinema program.

The Swiss, as the mother of all banking nations, have long been able to do what Luxembourg and German financial institutions can do, namely look pretty old in the latest German serial sensation "Bad Banks". In 2011, the consequences of the crash are being felt here in the form of international attacks on banking secrecy. This also affects the tradition-rich private bank of the Grangiers, whose director falls into a coma after an insulin overdose and leaves the management to his estranged sister Elisabeth. She suspects sinister doings behind the alleged accident and begins to uncover dark family and banking secrets...

Summer 2011: in the wake of the financial crisis bank secrecy is being targeted by the international community. When Paul Grangier, the director of the Grangier & Cie private bank falls into a coma, his estranged sister Elisabeth inherits the management of the bank and with it the ability to find the truth about his accident. The answer may lie as much in the bank as in the family.