The program of the Seriencamp Festival 2021 is set!

More than 50 series from 27 countries will be presented at SERIENCAMP FESTIVAL 2021. An overview of the main topics.

After the Seriencamp Festival and the Seriencamp Conference broke new ground digitally last year, the Festival and Conference return hybrid in 2021: Selected free movie screenings will be available on 12 and 13. November at the ASTOR Film Lounge at ARRI in Munich, while the free streaming platform SerienCamp Watchroom will be available online across Germany from November 11-28.

On location in Munich

On the festival weekend (November 12 and 13. November), highlights such as Sky Deutschland's DIE WESPE, the ZDFneo co-production SLØBORN, season 2, the ServusTV production AUS DIE MAUS as well as from our two main partners DOPESICK (Disney+) and DER BEISCHLÄFER (Amazon Prime Video) will be shown on the big screen at the ARRI cinema. Numerous guests are expected to attend all these screenings, including the cast of AUS DIE MAUS (Nina Proll, Maria Furtwängler, Ralf Bauer) as well as Tim Oberwelland, the producer of SLØBORN. 

Seriencamp Watchroom

In addition, the Seriencamp Festival presents outstanding international and national series in the Seriencamp Watchroom, the free and digital streaming platform. 

These are the main topics:

Let's Go East

Under "Let's Go East" series like CHICKS, THE LAST SOCIALIST ARTEFACT, RATS, SUSPICION and THE VAMPIRES OF MIDLAND grant unusual perspectives on Russia, Croatia and the Czech Republic.

Books On Screen

In addition to DOPESICK, such famous book material finds its way into the SERIEncAMP WATCHROOM under the "Books on Screen" label, including. the Argentinian gangster series ENTRE HOMBRES, the comic adaptation INVINCIBLE, the Turkish reinterpretation of Shakespeare's classic HAMLET, or Barry Jenkins' series adaptation of Colson Whitehead's THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD, viewable on Amazon Prime Video. 


Many people don't even know that the teen horror classic I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER is also based on a book. The SERIENCAMP is now showing the series adaptation alongside other unique series that will thrill horror fans, including the legendary killer doll CHUCKY, seen in Germany on SYFY and CHAPELWAITE, which is based on a short story by none other than Stephen King.

True Stories

Some true events can be just as gripping as a horror series. That's why the SERIENCAMP FESTIVAL has several different productions in its program, all based on true stories, such as the Israeli productions EMBEZZLEMENT and PUSHERS, but also the now legendary Sky Original miniseries DIE IBIZA AFFÄRE (read more in our article "The Ibiza Affair": why do true stories fascinate us so?).

Crime Your Way Out

Another gripping thematic focus in this year's SERIenCAMP WATCHROOM program is "Crime Your Way Out": it focuses on young people who strive for a better life and see crime as a way out. Whether as a grim crime drama, as in GRUPA and PUSHERS, as an absurd trip through the underworld and demimonde, as in NAFAS and RATS, or as hopeful and humorous stories of self-assertion, as in RESERVATION DOGS and CHICKS, each individual series finds a different way of looking at the tricky situations of its protagonists.

For young audiences: Young and Coming & Queer series

Two further thematic complexes are dedicated to young audiences: Under "Young and Coming" the SERIENCAMP brings together young, exciting formats - such as the ARTE co-production HAPPINESS or the Finnish series LUUSERIT (ALPHA). Numerous queer series are also once again represented in the SERIENCAMP program: from the rousing Taiwanese production FRAGRANCE OF THE FIRST FLOWER to the Latin American formats TONY and VIDA DE COLORES.

Famous & praised: Audience favorites

But SERIEnCAMP WATCHROOM isn't just about new series, it's also about already familiar audience favorites like multiple Emmy winner SUCCESSION (season 3) and the return of serial killer Dexter Morgan, whose first episodes of season nine aka DEXTER: NEW BLOOD will be shown exclusively in the second half of SERIEnCAMP WATCHROOM ahead of the German series launch.

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