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Discover your possibilities in film and television!

You are passionate about film and TV and want to pursue this passion professionally, but you're not yet familiar with the industry and its various career opportunities? Then visit us - the admission is for free!

The film and television industry offers a wide range of exciting career opportunities, from directing and screenwriting to sound production. Despite this diversity, there is a severe shortage of skilled workers, which is why new talent is urgently needed!

As part of our junior program at the SERIENCAMP Festival, we aim to introduce young people in particular to the industry and its various fields of work.

Who? SERIENCAMP Festival visitors, students and newcomers

When? June 7 th 2024, 2:00 - 6:45 pm 

Where? Cinenova Cinema in Ehrenfeld


We offer insights into the work of a production company, the creation of a series, and various professions through a case study. Afterwards, you have the opportunity to attend a panel discussion in the cinema to learn about the fascinating work of various trades such as Foley artists, food artists and make-up artists.


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