What do Audiences Feel?

Wed, 05.06.24 / 10:15 - 10:30
Cinenova / Theatre 1
Niels Alberg

After the opening remarks, Niels Alberg dives deep into the accumulate audience insights of the analytical approach of Publikum. Bringing together the knowledge of anthropology and social sciences, supported by AI and in-person interviews , the service helps creatives and decision-makers to tap into the zeitgeist and explore the feelings stories trigger in the audience. 

The work on over 80 projects has generated remarkable meta-insights into what audiences want to watch and why they want to watch it. 

(In co-operation with Creative Europe Desk NRW)


Niels Alberg (co-founder - CEO of PUBLIKUM) (Photo credit Carla Hvejsel)

CEO & Co-founder