Panel: Your Crew is your Capital

Fri, 16.06.23 / 12:30 - 13:30
Cinenova / Theatre 1
Marina Cardozo, Paula Essam, Laura Bull, Ingo Weerts

Grueling working hours, work environments that make family life difficult, long shifts – just one of the reasons why the film industry has increasing difficulties finding fresh talent. Conditions on set vary wildly while the pressure on production costs makes it hard to implement strategies that ease stress and are more family-friendly. How can ideal conditions look like and how can they be created in modern work environments. How can we shift the ideas of „value“ from strictly materialistic perspectives to one of well-being?

Hosts & Speakers

Marina Cardozo


Paula Essam (Actress - Writer)

Actress; Writer

Speaker Conference 2023 (7)
Laura Bull

CEO Readymade Films

Ingo Weerts

Fachbereich A /Medien, Film & Kino ver.di FilmUnion NRW
Union Secretary