Case Study: Books to Screen 2.0

Fri, 16.06.23 / 10:00 - 10:45
Cinenova / Theatre 1
Gerhard Maier, Petra Zauner

On the platforms Wattpad and Webtoon thousands of users publish their short stories, novels and comics for a truly international and global audience. Some of these stories have proven to be hits when adapted to the big or small screen – the movie series THROUGH THE WINDOW, the Netflix series ALL OF US ARE DEAD or THE KISSING BOOTH trilogy are just some examples of Wattpad/Webtoon stories adapted.

With extensive data on what is trending, what readers love and what key words vibe well with target audiences, the toolbox of Wattpad/webtoon is well equipped. A showcase of a recent project will highlight the advantages of creating series and movies from these IPs.

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Seriencamp Mitarbeiter 2021

Head Of Programme, Co-Founder

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Wattpad WEBTOON Studios
Director, International Accounts & Partnerships