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Sabine Holtgreve

Commissioning Editor

Prior to joining NDR in 2011, Sabine Holtgreve worked as commissioning editor at SWR and as producer at Wüste Film, Berlin. The films she was associated with have won several national and international awards. She is a member of Deutsche Filmakademie (German Motion Picture Academy) and of the European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs network (EAVE). At NDR, she is responsible for debut features, the long-running crime series Tatort, mini-series including The Turncoat (by Oscar-awarded director Florian Gallenberger, 2021, Dark Woods (2020) (Bavaria, prized at New York TV Festival , Miniseries Snow (Together with BR and Arte is presented in 2023 at Berlinale Series Market) an the Norwegian-German-Coproduction Powerplay which was prized in 2023 as best Series at Cannes Series Festival.

Conference 2023

Wed, 14.06.23 / 11:20 - 12:00
Cinenova / Theatre 1
Aina Clotet, Alberto Fernández, Gunnar Carlson, Daniel González, Sabine Holtgreve, Victor Sala
How does comedy travel? THIS IS NOT SWEDEN, a Spanish dramedy series about raising children in a suburb of Barcelona proves that comedy not only does travel, but that it does so first class. The co-production between Sweden, Spain and Germany shows the potential of European co-productions; even for seemingly local topics.