Speaker Conference 2023 (7)

Marta Baldó

Funicular Films
Executive Producer; Producer

Marta Baldó has a Degree in Communication Sciences from the Universitat Autònoma in Barcelona and a Master’s Degree in Film and Television Production (MEGA) from the Media Business School. For more than a decade she ran her own marketing and communication agency, offering services to the main Spanish distributors and producers as a consultant. She has worked in the television sector in Montreal and México D.F. as acquisitions and programming executive. In 2021 she decided to take a turn towards production, working as an independent executive producer first, and ended up co-creating the production company FUNICULAR FILMS, together with Aina and Marc Clotet and Jan Andreu. Last summer she worked as an executive producer on the film Loli Tormenta (2023), by the multi-award winning director Agustí Villaronga, and she has recently acted as a producer and executive producer of the series This is not Sweden (2023), directed by Aina Clotet and Mar Coll, currently in post-production.