Speaker Conference 2023 (2)

Helen Perquy


Helen Perquy finances high-end TV dramas with international potential. She produced Quiz Me Quick and executive produced Tabula Rasa. She's co-owner of jonnydepony and produced Blackout, co-produced Transport, and recently produced Arcadia. Jonnydepony is developing new series including The Girl in my Diary, I was a Cop in the ‘80s, and Arcadia 2.

Conference 2023

Thu, 15.06.23 / 14:15 - 14:45
Cinenova / Theatre 1
Helen Perquy, Frank Tönsmann, Brigitte Dithard
The genre „Near-Fi“ is omnipresent at the moment. Created and produced by Belgian company Jonnydepony, the series ARCADIA shines a light on audience demand in terms of genre content, as well as on the creative vision driving such ambitious projects.