UPDATE ON THE Conference 2020

Hey 2020, we have to talk!

In a year that’s proving to be as incisive as it is challenging, we’ve spent the last couple of months feverishly working on the upcoming edition of SERIENCAMP. In a setting whose unpredictability makes planning SERIENCAMP CONFERENCE & FESTIVAL a daunting but rewarding task, we’ve decided to break fresh ground: with the help of our sponsors and partners, we’re embracing the possibilities of an “online first“-edition of SERIENCAMP 2020 that will feature a mix of exciting new ideas.

“After looking at and learning from a range of festivals and industry conferences over the last few weeks, I am positive that SERIENCAMP 2020 will profit immensely from the opportunities of an exclusively virtual edition,” says co-founder and artistic director Gerhard Maier.

New and overhauled pitching and networking formats like PITCHPOOL, as well as intimate and topical workshop settings are just some of the innovations that will turn SERIENCAMP 2020 into the most exciting edition yet.

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