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Story Exchange Awards 2023

The SERIENCAMP STORY EXCHANGE is a platform for TV-series creators to present their series concepts to an audience of industry experts. Get to know our Story Exchange Awards here.

The SERIENCAMP STORY EXCHANGE is a platform for TV series creators to present their series concepts to an audience of industry experts. The projects selected by our advisory boards compete in three categories: Writers' Vision  Pitch, Co-Production Pitch and Docu-Series Pitch for our Story Exchange Awards

We are thrilled to present our awards for this year's pitching formats. 


Pretty Original Award

"Originality," "innovation," "never before seen or read" these are all terms series creatives must constantly consider and keep in mind. And yet, the next crime drama is always being commissioned.

However, it is essential to look at new series concepts. That's why SERIENCAMP CONFERENCE will debut a platform that defies expectations, sparks curiosity and leaves a lasting impression!

Whether through theme, choice of narrative perspective or perhaps dramaturgy, it's all about exploring new frontiers. The PRETTY ORIGINAL AWARD is given to a pitch that impresses the jury with its special pretty originality. The prestigious prize is endowed with 2,000 euros and is generously sponsored by ALPHA Entertainment / TELLUX Group.

The Pretty Original Award is awarded by a top-class jury. These are the jury members: 

  • Sara Günter, editor and format developer at ZDF Kleines Fernsehspiel and funk
  • Kirsten Loose, author / dramaturg
  • Josef Lederle, editor-in-chief at

BetaSeries Award

This year, the highly endowed BetaSeries Award awaits the eight participants of the Writers' Vision Pitch. This coveted award gives you the exclusive opportunity to have your series concept professionally analyzed by BetaSeries, a renowned company that specializes in evaluating the potential of television series. With a data-driven approach based on leveraging the 2.8 million members of Television Series Fans, BetaSeries provides comprehensive insights into target audience preferences, comparative values, current market trends, and even recommendations for specific clients, distributors, or broadcasters. Their timely and thorough analysis ensures that creators receive valuable feedback to refine their concepts and maximize their chances of success.


Collaborative Future Award sponsored by Yamdu

Yamdu believes in the power of storytelling through collaboration and the Co-Production Pitch is the perfect opportunity to bring creative minds together to pitch ideas. As a proud sponsor of the Collaborative Future Award, Yamdu is supporting the event with a cash prize of €5,000, as well as a Yamdu subscription worth €5,000.

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Bavaria Visionary Award sponsored by Bavaria Fiction

This prestigious new accolade seeks to recognize and honor the most outstanding concept for a docu-series format in development. With an unwavering commitment to documentary storytelling, Bavaria Fiction's documentary unit, headed by Emanuel Rotstein, embraces the power of real-life narratives and innovative storytelling techniques. The Bavaria Visionary Award shines a spotlight on the visionary minds shaping the future of documentary television, celebrating their unique perspectives, compelling narratives, and bold approaches to the art of non-fiction storytelling. The recipient of this award will not only receive well-deserved recognition but also gain invaluable support and resources from Bavaria Fiction to bring their remarkable docu-series concept to life, including a generous cash prize of €5,000.