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Seriencamp Conference will be back 2023

The industry developments of the last years make a reorientation of the Seriencamp Conference inevitable. We are reacting to the increasing relevance and impact of the series and TV landscape and are developing a new concept with new formats, location and date together with our partners. We are looking forward to publishing more details about the relaunch in the coming weeks.

The last two years posed to us, the team at the core of Seriencamp Conference and Festival, new challenges. Between unpredictable pandemic developments and the ever-changing regulations regarding travel, hygiene and events we put our energy into creating solutions that allowed us to continue with both conference and festival. Connecting creatives with the industry, giving remarkable projects from Germany and Europe a platform and presenting latest trends and developments were priorities for our team. With PITCHPOOL and WATCHROOM and SERIENCAMP TV we created effective technological solutions that allowed us to bring together colleagues, partners and friends.

The audiovisual industry itself changed rapidly in the last years with the months of the pandemic acting as an accelerator for existing trends: The increasing globalization of audiences and markets, a slew of consolidations and mergers, the deepening crisis of cinema and the deep disruption through streaming and its direct-to-consumer business models are heavily impacting the media landscape in Germany and Europe.

Our aim to create an open, transparent and inspiring event that fosters discussions and generates insights in the changing dynamics of the market is more valid than ever. Transference of knowledge and the creation of opportunities for networking on regional, national and European levels are more important than ever. At the same time it is crucial for any relevant industry event to generate an atmosphere and setting that facilitates business contacts at key points along the value chain of drama series.

We are currently working intensely with partners, institutions and stakeholders on a new version of Seriencamp Conference that fulfills those growing requirements and serves as a resilient industry platform. As this is an intensive process that demands a considerable amount of our time and resources, we decided to focus fully on Seriencamp Conference 2023.