Recap: Professional Day 2015

At the PROFESSIONAL DAY on October 16, which was sold out with 320 accredited trade visitors, top-class national and international guests negotiated the status quo and development opportunities for TV series in a number of panels, case studies and master classes. Among the speakers: Producer Rola Bauer (TANDEM PRODUCTIONS), Sir Peter Jonas (ex. Intendant Bavarian State Opera), authors Danny Brocklehurst ("The Driver", "The Five"), Shachar Magen ("Betulot") and Nicola Lusuardi ("1992", "Gomorrha"), Thomas Sessner (BR), Philipp Steffens (RTL), Frank Jastfelder (Sky), Hannes Heyelmann (Turner), author and director Thomas Stiller ("Gottlos"), producer Marc Conrad (CONRADFILM) and Jan S. Kaiser (BAVARIA).


Mastermind Keynote by Rola Bauer (Producer and Managing Director TANDEM PRODUCTIONS)

Canadian-born Rola Bauer has many years of experience in the international TV series business, including as producer of the Ken Follet multi-part series THE COLUMNS OF THE EARTH and THE GATES OF THE WORLD, as well as the series SPOTLESS and CROSSING LINES.

Case Study 1 - THE FIVE with Danny Brocklehurst and Richard Fee

The series THE DRIVER, produced by the British production company RED, is running on SERIENCAMP, but creator Danny Brocklehurst already has a new series in the pipeline: THE FIVE. Joined by Richard Fee(Development Executive of RED Productions), the BAFTA (for SHAMELESS) and International EmmyWinner (for ACCUSED) talks about working together in the development phase of their projects. The former director of the Bavarian State Opera and series geek Sir Peter Jonas leads through the conversation.

Masterclass: Shachar Magen (writer and creator of BETULOT - SIRENS)

Shachar Magen is the creator of several successful TV series in Israel and was responsible there, among other things, for the hit series FIRST FAMILY, to which the US channel "The CW" has secured the remake rights. With BETULOT-SIRENS, he most recently created a gripping thriller with mystery elements, in which an Israeli border policewoman stumbles upon the corpse of her twin sister, who disappeared without a trace 17 years ago. Magen will talk in this masterclass with Emanuel Rotstein (Director Production for the channels HISTORY and A&E) about his way of working as a creator and writer of his series projects, also giving an insight into the TV market Israel.

Case Study 2 - "The Italian Way" with Nicola Lusuardi

Nicola Lusuardi (Script Editor and Author) has been studying for several years the peculiarities and cultural significance of the phenomenon of the television series. In 2010 he dedicated the book "La Rivoluzione Seriale" to these analyses. He reports on how the series GOMORRHA and 1992 became ratings successes in Italy and also gained international renown beyond the borders of their homeland.

DISCUSSION - "Series Location Germany - Status Quo and Outlook"

The German series landscape is also in a state of upheaval and is trying to adapt international production models for the German market. But what is the role of writers in this? Is collaborative writing in the Writers' Room really the key to success? And how much demand is there for German series material at home and in other European countries? During the discussion, speakers Hannes Heyelmann(Managing Director Turner Broadcasting System Germany), Thore Vollert (Head of Marketing & Communications Studio Hamburg), Frank Jastfelder (Head of Drama Production SKY Germany), Thomas Sessner (BR Head of Editorial Film aktuell, Digital Development and Mediaevents, BR NEXT) and Philipp Steffens (Head of Fiction RTL) with the President of the HFF, Bettina Reitz about peculiarities, problems and challenges of the specifically German structures.

PANEL - Inside the "Writers' Room"

As a buzzword, the so-called "Writers' Room" is currently on everyone's lips. In the U.S., Great Britain and Scandinavia, materials and scripts have long been created in creative collaboration. In Germany, after the daily soaps, where this process is commonplace, other serialized formats are now following suit. But what is behind the term "writers' room"? And what specific models exist in Germany? On this panel, Anna Katharina Brehm (SERIENCAMP) will discuss with author Tac Romey (DER LACK IST AB), producer Florian Schneider (LERCHENBERG) and lawyer Dr. Johann Heyde (SKW Schwarz) the model of a German Writers' Room under consideration of organizational, legal and financial aspects.

PANEL - Work in Progress:

New German series For the finale of the first SERIENCAMP - Professional Days, the view is directed forward. DWDL editor-in-chief Thomas Lückerath leads through brand new series projects, which are presented in their different stages of development each by their producers or authors. URBAN DIVAS (book: Felix Hellmann & HFF student Natalie Spinell, production: Andreas Hörl, lüthje schneider hörl), BLOCKBUSTAZ (ZDFneo, book: Niklas Hoffmann, Benjamin Seiler, Jakob Schreier, production: Rafael Parente, NEUE SUPER), GOTTLOS (RTL2, written and directed by Thomas Stiller, produced by Marc Conrad (ConradFilm) and Jan S. Kaiser (Bavaria Fernsehproduktion).