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Pretty Original Award 2024

We present this year's jury of the Pretty Original Award!

"Originality," "innovation," "never seen or read before"... these are all terms that serial creatives constantly consider and must keep in mind. Yet, time and again, the next crime drama gets commissioned.

However, it is essential to engage in discussions about new series concepts. That's why the SERIENCAMP CONFERENCE offers for the second time a platform that will disrupt expectations, ignite curiosity, and leave a lasting impression!

Whether it's through the theme, the choice of narrative perspective, or perhaps the dramaturgy, the goal is to explore new boundaries. The PRETTY ORIGINAL AWARD will honor a pitch that convinces the jury by being exceptionally pretty original. This prestigious award comes with a cash prize of € 2000 and is generously sponsored by TELLUX Group, locally represented by ALPHA Entertainment & storytelle.

The "Pretty Original Award" will once again be presented this year by a high-profile jury. Here are the jury members:

Friederike Sophie Galley 

Vice President Scripted Entertainment/ Content Creation Scripted Entertainment

Ervehea Ziza

Screenwriter, Director, and Creative Producer

Marc Schaumburg

Producer/Blockchain and AI-Expert

Thank you to the TELLUX Group and the "Pretty Original Award" jury!