Seriencamp Awards 2019

The winners of our three festival awards are ready to be announced....drumroll....: Two jurys consisting of four esteemed industry experts selected the OFFICIAL COMPETITON AWARD 2019 and the WEBSERIES AWARD 2019 and announced the winners at the official opening on Thursday, November 07 before the votes for the AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD 2019 were counted by Sunday.


Out of eight selected series and after heated discussions, the visually stunning drug war-saga ZEROZEROZERO by director and creator Stefano Sollima was selected as winner of the OFFICICAL COMPETITION AWARD 2019. Based on the bestseller by Roberto Saviano the series dives deep into the network of suplliers, brokers and dealers of the multibillion Dollar industry of cocaine trade. In Germany ZEROZEROZERO will be aired in the first half of 2020 on Sky.


A young man needs to conquer the heart of his love who gives him an insurmountable task: Bring the legendary HipHop-duo Outkast back together. The premise for the quirky and fast-paced factual short form LOST IN TRAPLANTA that weaves through the various layers of rap capital Atlanta. All episodes of the winner series can be found here: ARTE


All votes are counted and the winner of the SERIENCAMP AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD 2019 has been selected: The audience chose the Norwegian series BEFOREIGNERS as the best of the 31 shown series and their favorite. In BEFOREIGNERS immigrants come from the past and need to be integrated into society. So, the Oslo detective Lars gets a new colleague from the Viking Age to investigate a murder case. The series was produced by Rubicon TV for HBO Nordic and is not yet shown in Germany. But that will hopefully change now – we’ll keep you up to date!