• The writer must be the originator/owner of the series or have rights secured for adaptations of existing IPs
  • A maximum of two projects can be submitted per person. However, only one project can be selected at a time. 
  • No broadcaster or distributor is attached to the project (if this is the case, please submit under CO-PRODUCTION SESSIONS)
  • The project must not have been pitched at a public pitching session before. Your project is still eligible if it has participated in training and development sessions with pitching events (e.g. TorinoFilmLab, Midpoint, etc.)   
  • Project pitch should be visualized with mood pictures and/or mood trailer
  • Pitching language is English
  • Pitch must not exceed 8 minutes!

Please submit your project containing:

  • one-page overview with title / genre / country of origin /etc.
  • series bible (pilot treatment, characters, story arc of first season, short biography, visuals)
  • (if applicable) pilot script OR pilot script sample
  • Submission materials may also be in German, but must be translated into English if accepted.


Who is eligible? 
Writers and creative producers who are originators and/or owners of the intellectual property they present. Projects adapting existing IPs will be considered if all rights have been cleared.

What kind of series are eligible? 
Whatever you can imagine! Your creativity is the only limit as Writers' Vision Pitch is open for all of your ideas, no matter if it is the next blockbuster series with multi-million budget, a quirky high-concept comedy, an agile short-form story or a genre-bending transmedial crime drama. We encourage projects that dare to innovate and think outside the box. 

How does this work? 
Just click on the submission form and enter your project! You may enter up to two projects per writer/producer, yet only one project will be selected. 

What happens if one of my projects is picked for the pitch?
You will present your pitch live on stage in Cologne on June 14th or 15th. Additionally it will be featured online in our digital platform Pitchpool where it will be visible to registered professionals.

How long must my pitch be?
Maximum length of the pitch is eight minutes.

In which language do I have to pitch?
Pitching language is English. 

What costs will be covered by the festival?
You and up to one writing/producing partner will get free accreditations for SERIENCAMP CONFERENCE as well as a travel subsidy of 150 EUR per project. 

Are there any questions left? 
Don't hesitate to contact us via