ZDFneo is a platform that offers contemporary entertainment for young audiences. Under the label "ZDFneoriginal," the channel presents an appealing selection of youthful fiction content. With flagship series such as "Sløborn," "SAFE," "Doppelhaushälfte," and "BecomingCharlie," ZDFneo has already made successful contributions to commissioned and co-produced content.

This spring, ZDFneo is particularly focused on expanding its comedy series lineup, aiming to further establish this often underrepresented genre in the German market. ZDFneo assumes the role of an innovative playground within the network family. Additionally, a new genre highlight, the mystery series "Unnoticed," awaits viewers in the fall.

In addition to original programming, ZDFneo's lineup is complemented by exciting licensed acquisitions, including free-to-air premieres such as "Killing Eve," popular cult shows, and well-known non-fiction formats. Esteemed personalities such as Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim, Riccardo Simonetti, and Tommi Schmitt captivate their audience in these shows.



Dark mystery in the style of Sebastian Fitzek: Based on the bestseller by thriller author Melanie Raabe, a young journalist in present-day Vienna must confront the dark shadows of her past and possible future.

That is exactly why one should ...



Rising incidence, falling humanity: in "Sløborn", the pandemic is far from over....


Between co-working chaos and start-up bubble: Young programmer tinkering with the next big (comedy) thing!