UFA Fiction

UFA Fiction brings together the top creative minds in the German television industry under one roof and has been delivering consistent ratings successes and outstanding fictional programmes for years. The company bundles UFA's production activities in the areas of series & serials, TV movies, events and feature films and thus has a remarkable portfolio that has left a lasting mark on the German television landscape. Many productions have not only been great successes with audiences, but have also won national and international TV and film awards, including two International Emmy Awards, and have been sold abroad. These include successful cinema films such as THE PYSICIAN or ALL ABOUT ME, event and high-end drama formats such as GENERATION WAR, DEUTSCHLAND83/86/89, CHARITÉ 1/2/3, KU'DAMM 56/59/63 or FAKING HITLER and SAM – A SAXON as well as the high-scoring and long-running crime series and series such as EIN STARKES TEAM, DIE DIPLOMATIN and SOKO LEIPZIG. The managing directors of UFA Fiction are Markus Brunnemann, Nataly Kudiabor, Ulrike Leibfried and Sebastian Werninger.