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Introducing Pitchpool!


PITCHPOOL is a temporary streaming or VOD service. But instead of watching series, you can watch three-minute „elevator pitch“ videos from screenwriters or producers. This is binge-watching for buyers, broadcasters, commissioning editors and producers only!

Create a watchlist and screen videos at your place and your time for 3 weeks. You can also get in contact with the creative minds behind the videos directly via the platform - the PITCHPOOL team will organize your virtual meetings for you. 

Sounds interesting to you? Then dive into PITCHPOOL!


  • temporary platform with more than 50 pre-selected projects to explore
  • industry-only access: 199€ Single Account, 299€ Company Account (5 users)
  • filter options that make finding the perfect project super easy
  • ‘on point’, three-minute video pitches 
  • available online for three weeks
  • option for virtual one-on-one meetings
  • digital project catalogue will be sent to all participants
  • first successful edition in November 2020 with 70 companies participating, resulting in more than 160 meetings

Still not convinced?

Imagine you’re a producer looking for a sizzling new series project…

Or a commissioner in search of the next addictive crime drama that’s ready to start shooting, just waiting for that last bit of financing. Now imagine you could log into a platform that functions just like your favorite VOD service – but instead of watching films and series, you could browse dozens of exciting new projects in various stages of development, each introduced with a concise, three-minute “elevator pitch“ video and listed with all relevant data.

If you like the project, the simple click of a button will arrange an appointment for a video call that connects you with the project’s creators – and fits your schedule perfectly.

Let’s say you’re looking for an English-language sitcom project in an early stage of development…

You log into PITCHPOOL, use our handy filter options – and check your results. You can see all relevant information and watch a short elevator pitch for each project – and if you like what you see, hit the “MEET THE PROJECT” button. You’ll then receive a link for a scheduled video call with the project creator. 

Wouldn’t that make life so much easier for everyone? 

We thought so, too and used the lockdown 2020 to create PITCHPOOL a unique platform for upcoming serialized projects, designed for creators, producers, broadcasters and distributors from Germany, Europe and beyond. PITCHPOOL’s aim is to facilitate, encourage and accelerate new business opportunities for the development and creation of new drama productions. 

Since we’re all online all the time anyhow, and as we’re all very very busy, too, we sought to create a tool that is both highly effective and uniquely flexible. Welcome to PITCHPOOL! 

So how did the first edition go?

PITCHPOOL was online for three weeks in November 2020 with more than 75 projects from 18 different countries. 120 professionals used the platform in search of their next project, resulting in more than 160 meetings. And the number which we are most proud of: more than 35% of the projects have either been optioned or are still in advanced talks with potential partners – and those are only the cases we know of. This makes us very optimistic for the second – improved – edition of PITCHPOOL coming October 2021.